Start ‘Em Off Early! Dyson’s Selling Functional $30 Vacuum Cleaner For Kids


Dyson has launched their latest vacuum cleaner – a kid-sized version of their ball vacuum, and the mirthful thing is – it actually works!

via Gizmodo; Perhaps, the greatest invention ever

When it comes to vacuum cleaner manufacturers, Dyson tops the list.

They may not sell more physical units than other companies, however they produce some of the highest quality vacuum cleaners on the sucker-upper market. Known as the Dyson Toy Ball Vacuum, the company has invented an excellent way to introduce your children to cleaning up around the house (bedrooms, especially).

The vacuum includes a cyclone spinner with visible foam balls and stands 25 inches tall. It too has authentic sucking action and induces vacuum sounds.

The vacuum was crafted for toddlers, and according to the manufacturer’s recommendations the minimum age is three years old.

There are many folks online who have already threw their two cents in to say that they have tried out the unit on younger kids who want to help out around the house. Thus far, it’s garnering great reviews because it looks pragmatic and it genuinely works! You’re able to turn the suction function on or off with control buttons, and you can even tone down the loud noises if you have a baby who is sensitive to them.

There is a detachable dustbin even on the rear that can be emptied. In order to get the Toy Ball up and at it, however, you will require 4 C batteries for usage and they are not included (sorry).


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