Fugitive Says He’ll Surrender If 15,000 People ‘Like’ His FB Wanted Poster


A fugitive told authorities he would surrender if enough users “like” the police department Facebook post featuring him on the wanted poster.

via Star Advertiser; Jose Simms wanted poster

A police department in Connecticut claims a fugitive has agreed to surrender if enough individuals react to his online wanted poster on social media. Torrington police state 29-year-old Jose Simms, who is presumed to be in New York somewhere, has seven arrest warrants and is being hunted as a fugitive because he did not show up for his last court date. On the department’s Facebook page, Lt. Brett Johnson on Wednesday revealed Simms had got in touch with him via Facebook and said he’d turn himself in if the post sporting his poster garnered 15,000 “likes.” Johnson notes he attempted to get Simms to agree to 10,000 “likes” however Simms desired 20,000 — so they met in the middle.

“Here’s an interesting one…Jose Simms (The first warrant pictured) negotiated with me earlier this week (Through Facebook) and has agreed to turn himself in to Torrington Police if we can get 15,000 “likes” on this post (I said 10,000 he wanted 20,000, we split). It will be difficult but is doable. So please, “like” this post, and while you’re at it share it, Tweet it, Instagram it, Snapchat it, WUPHF it,(Thanks Jared!) (Pronounced Woof, its a reference to the television show, ‘The Office’…nevermind 😀 ), or use whatever other platforms are out there that I don’t know about. Then again, if you know where either of these guys are, you could always let us know that too, it’d save everyone from the suspense of the 15K….Let’s get it!! (L/BJOH, 5/22/19 @ 0302 hrs),” read the post.

The lieutenant depicted the challenge as difficult though achievable. He too suggested that if any person knows were Simms is hiding they could inform the department and save the police some suspense. Meantime, the Facebook post had roughly 3,000 likes as of this morning — thereby law enforcement still has a ways to go.


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