‘From Bump To Buzz’ Watch This Heartwarming Time Lapse [Video]

Pregnancy Time Lapse Video

Tom Fletcher, the lead singer of British pop band McFly and his wife Giovanna have documented the process of childbearing with “From Bump to Buzz,” a time lapse video and completely original song.

Tom sings and plays the original song “Something New” on his acoustic guitar while Giovanna stands to the side of him as her belly with their unborn child. The couple documented everyday of Giovanna’s pregnancy and as the song finishes, Giovanna leaves and then returns with the newest addition to the musically talented family: Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher.

The video was posted a mere three days ago (March 21st, 2014) and has already garnered more than 4,620,000 views and 106,500 up votes. Apparently there are at least 1,312 baby haters out there in YouTube land, because that many people incomprehensibly down voted the video.

Tom and Giovanna have been very public about their relationship in the past, with the couple announcing Giovanna’s pregnancy on YouTube using jack-o-lanterns, but this is by far the most popular and heart touching video they have posted.

The couple took a picture of Giovanna every day during her nine month pregnancy. Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher was born on March 3rd, 2014.

Tom has over 300,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel that, along with the “From Bump to Buzz” video and aforementioned wedding announcement video, he also posts messages to his sister that are usually viewed by a couple hundred thousand people.

But this video crushed their previous efforts, the “From Bump to Buzz” video has more views than the entire population of Philadelphia.



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