Father Criticizes School After Receiving Letter From Social Services For Spanking His Daughter


A New York father was quite surprised after receiving a letter in the mail from Social Services wanting to speak with him further over alleged child abuse.

The alleged child abuse in question? Spanking his 14-year-old daughter, according to the man’s Facebook post.

Andy Brokhoff went on to explain the whole back story, and criticized the school district and Social Services for escalating the matter so severely.

Post by Andy Brokhoff.

The post has went semi-viral on Facebook with over 2500 shares, and other parents shared their two cents:

“That’s exactly why kids are out of control. When I was a kid my parents would put the boots to me just for getting lippy or not wanting to help with chores. Now kids can tell a teacher to go fuck them self and get a day of in school it’s a joke.”

One person joked, “Let her spend a few days in a correctional facility with prisoners. Bet that will straighten her out!”

Brokhoff is currently not charged of anything, and chances are the matter will blow over once a case worker sits down with the family.

Interestingly, a new study published last week found that parents who spank their children are more likely to receive a visit from Child Protective Services.

How do you feel about parents spanking their children? Do you think the school district went too far?

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