Free Android Game Has You Fixing Pots and Getting Zen

So for you Andropoid users out there, you’ve had your fair share of fallout shelter pickup lines and papal emojis, and maybe you’re looking out for the next big thing to hit your mobile-bound entertainment. This new game we’re featuring doesn’t really have all the bells and whistles, nor the flashy graphics or adrenaline-pumping action many of the games on Google Play have on offer — which is exactly why it just might be the thing you need.

“Kintsukuroi” is a free android game that wants you to do just one thing: fix broken pots.

Now, hang on before you dismiss this as boring. The principle behind the game is taken from Kintsui, an ancient Japanese aesthetic applied to pottery that takes broken pieces of a plate, bowl or vase, and puts them back together again with a resin mixed with gold. It renders the act of the repair and result as part of its visual history — turning a potential flaw into a thing of beauty, rather than hiding it away. Pretty meaningful stuff.


The layout is clean and simple, as simple and straightforward as the task at hand. This 3D puzzle has you rotating pieces and fitting the broken parts into their proper places and being rewarded with the clink of the pieces falling together perfectly. There are 20 levels that come in two flavors — normal and timed — with 20 varying pottery pieces, each as beautiful and intriguing as the next. Trust us, you’ll soon find yourself bemoaning, why only 20? why can’t I fix pots forever?



The game itself does not focus on competition, racking up points, or getting there first (though the timed mode can be a bit of a challenge). Rather, Kintsukuroi encourages the layer to relish the time spent going over the pieces, exploring, and finding contentment in the task at hand. Something truly, unmistakeably Zen.

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