FrameBlast Might Just Be The ‘Instagram Of Video’ We’ve Been Waiting For

A lot of start-ups have tried to create a social app that would be the video equivalent of Instagram (the “Instagram for video,” as TechCrunch calls it), but thus far, it hasn’t happened. A new service called FrameBlast is going to give it a shot, and this one just might make it as far as we’re concerned.

Among those who have tried to do the Instagram of video are: Smule, with its Strum app, Viddy, the popular social video app, Magisto, Lumify, and even iMovie, but no one has really cracked the formula that, for images, makes Instagram such a success.

FrameBlast simplifies video sharing, much like Instagram did for pictures. It’s free, allows you to record and merge videos, pull from videos already on your phone, add simple special effects and soundtracks (you can pull tracks from your iTunes), and share on social networks.

Like Instagram, you can shoot landscape or portrait, and add Instagram-esque color filters like: desaturated film stock (to make it look all silent movie), warm lomo, California daylight, Film Noir, classic tone, hot sunny saturated, and fast-action jump cuts.

FrameBlast uses high definition video, supports iPhone 3GS and 4/4S, but is optimized for the iPhone 5. Android and Pro are coming soon.

FrameBlast in iOS

The only problem with Instagram-esque video start-ups is that it’s a lot easier to just take a picture, add a filter, and post it online. It takes literally zero work, effort, or time to engage with an image, whereas even the prospect of clicking “play” on a video that’s just 10-seconds takes more. Not much more, but it could be the difference between viewing or not viewing at a hypothetically significant rate.

If FrameBlast is a huge success, it probably won’t ever reach the heights of Instagram for these reasons. It’s just easier to take a picture, tweak it, upload it, and then engage with it. All of those things become a graded chore with video.

However, and this is a big however, FrameBlast could still see great success, and seems equipped to do so. We expect that FrameBlast will enjoy more of a cult-following among artsy twenty-somethings and film enthusiasts, but it’ll find its audience.

Of course, for those of you who abhor Instagram for helping people pretend that they are insightful photographers with a unique eye for shooting slices of pizza, FrameBlast will only decrease your faith in humanity by offering up tons of this:

[iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″]

Oh well. Download it here!

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