Foursquare Fights Facebook’s Nearby Feature With More Facebook Integration


On December 17, Facebook launched its Nearby feature on iOS and Android to find local places whether it’s restaurants or retail stores. The new feature is a direct threat to Foursquare since users are able to check into locations. Foursquare, the popular location based check-in app isn’t going down without a fight and has launched deeper Facebook integration within its app.

To battle Facebook, the location based service has more deeply integrated with Facebook’s Friend Graph to better see what your friends are up to and where they have been. Here are a few examples you’ll now see within the app:

  • 3 Facebook Friends Left Tips Here
  • 7 Facebook Friends Liked This Place
  • Your Friend Bob Skazinski Left A Tip Here

Even if you’re not friends with your Facebook friends on Foursquare, you’ll still see the same data.

Here’s what the Foursquare blog had to say about the new Facebook integration:

By expanding your recommendations to include your Facebook friends who are on Foursquare, you’ll get even better personalized insights when you’re deciding where to go, while still only sharing check-ins with your close friends – the ones you’re friends with on Foursquare.

Privacy will remain the same and your check-ins will never be shared with others unless you’re actually friends with them. This new Facebook integration is rolling out to both the Foursquare Android and iOS apps.



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