You Can Get 10 Days Off Work For Just Four Days Holiday With This Hack


How does being off work for ten whole days sound? What if we informed you it could be accomplished by only taking four days annual leave?

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The hack we’re about to explain, only works on the condition that you get bank holidays off and your job is Monday to Friday. If not, you can at least share this with a friend or family member that does. To get ten days off from April 13th to April 22nd, all you have to do is book off is April 15th to the 18th, due to the way the weekends and bank holidays fall. Plainly this one is dependent on how lax your employer is with notice and such.

The next one, is – to get nine days off while utilizing only four days holiday – book off May 7th to May 10th. Doing this, you get May 4th to May 12th off. Then at the month’s end, you can get an additional 9 days off, with merely four days annual leave (May 25th to June 2nd). Following that however, it’s a matter of standing by until the end of August, where you receive another nine day break from your work peers, just by taking 4 days off (Aug 24th to September 1st) – immaculate timing for a latter summer break!

Christmas, is next up – where you can get 16 days away from your work environment, by solely using seven days holiday. So, there it is friends … you can book 53 days off work this year, all for the sum of 23 days annual leave! All it involves is some strategic planning, a bit of scheming and the hope that none of your co-workers have applied the same method(s) already..


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