Watch: Man Can Lick His Own Forehead, And It’s Totally Sick!


35-year-old Yagya Bahadur Katuwal, from Nepal, has the unparalleled ability to lick his own forehead – and, it is totally gross!

via The Ringer; Um yeah, no

Before now we suppose you’ve tried to lick your own nose, and may have been able to (actually) do it … though, that feat saps in comparison to Mr. Katuwal.

A school bus driver, Katuwal’s found himself becoming a bit of a celebrity locally thanks to his odd talent, which has gone viral across social media in the past few weeks. But, he says he’s been warned not to attempt his trick while at work for fear of the ‘frightening the kids,’ which seems (more than) fair enough to us!

“Children never want to get close to me,” he stated. “Some even wet their pants!

“Even adults can lose consciousness when they watch me in action.

“I think I look great like this – I can cover my nose with my lips, lick my forehead and make the sound of bullet bike. If I got to act in a horror movie, I wouldn’t need makeup like other actors to scare people. I want to set a Guinness World Record for being able to cover my nose with my lip while licking my forehead,” Katuwal added.

Puskar Neap, who elected to film and share Katuwal’s party trick last month, explained: “He’s physically and mentally fit – he discovered in the early age that he can lick his own forehead. He has just one tooth and that is what makes him able to do that-his skills are weird, yet amazing.”


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