Food Vlogger Gets Angry At ‘Anti-Meat people’ For Censoring Roast Pig Feature In FB

Photo by YouTube/Best Ever Food Review Show

Vegans and vegetarians are noble people for volunteering not to eat meat. Most of the time, meat in the modern era is raised, processed, and slaughtered inhumanely, leading to a lot of moral dilemmas. However, there can also be times when vegans/vegetarians tend to overstep boundaries and try to force their views on people, even going as far as censoring anything meat-related and depriving people of their choice of food.

One food vlogger might have been a victim of such cultural extremity. Sonny Side, also known as the creator and poster boy of Best Ever Food Review Show recently fumed at what he considered as “anti-meat people” who were apparently responsible for Facebook censoring his video featuring a roasted pig. It seems a lot of “vegans and vegetarians” might have had reported his video en masse.

Photo by Vietcetera

More specifically, Sonny featured a roast pig unique to the Philippines, called lechon which is cooked spit-roasted rotisserie-style. The lechon Sonny featured was stuffed with crabs, mussels, and shrimps before being roasted, and another was stuffed with a whole chicken. It is worth noting that the pig was already dead and slaughtered as humanely as possible before being cooked, as per tradition in the Philippines.

Sonny also just wanted to show the world some of the most unique food in other countries and not to cast judgment on other cultures. Meanwhile, his videos were also affected adversely because of the Facebook censorship. For that, Sonny not only resented “anti-meat” but also “anti-culture” people who apparently did not have an open mind to other people’s traditions and values.

He urged people who are bothered by the food of other cultures to just turn away and stop watching his channel as well as to respect other customs and cultures since they do not exist to contradict others’ worldviews. If you are ever in the Philippines too, you might want to try the lechon, best pork dish ever in there. Or don’t, up to you.

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