Woman Almost Loses Her Arm After Getting A Flu Shot

flu shot

Truth is: The flu can have life-threatening ramifications, particularly for the young, the elderly and anybody who has an undermined immune system.

Additionally, the shot chemically, affects everyone different — some, no side effects at all — others, literally lose a arm.

flu shot
A flu shot, nearly ‘disarmed’ a Minnesota women; Photo: Imgur

Jacalyn Broze went to the doc for a flu shot and it was not the first time that she received one.

In an interview, the woman from Minnesota said that she got the vaccine annually. When she had the vaccine in 2007, nevertheless, her life shifted in a much negative fashion.

Because of the pain she was experiencing, Broze realized that something ‘was not right.’ Arm soreness afterwards is a given, though she had severe pain in her shoulders. She visited the chiropractor and he noticed that her right arm and shoulder were sloping.

flu shot
Broze (pictured) had a total rotator cuff tear, meaning the entire tendon; Photo: Daily Mail

A physician informed Broze that she had Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA). This medical term is utilized when there is a difficulty associated with the vaccine not being infused correctly.

And her case, the shot was most likely placed too high or too deep into the upper arm. “The surgeon had me do another MRI, and everything had fallen off. A complete tear of the rotator cuff,” said Broze.

“I would not tell anyone not to get a shot, but just being careful how it’s given.”

flu shot
Photo: 4Gifs; Ha, ha #MeToo

When someone has SIRVA, it can lead to trauma in the ligaments, tendons and/or bursa (a fluid-filled sac in the shoulder). Some of the symptoms include shoulder related injuries, a limited range of movement, and prolonged pain.

Broze has underwent surgery to mend the tear in her shoulder and she is presently working on reclaiming her mobility.


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