House Call: Uber to Deliver Flu Shots

For one day in November, Uber will be making “house calls,” delivering flu shots to those who purchase a $10.00 “wellness pack.” Your delivery comes with a complimentary nurse. That’s right, for one day (Thursday, Nov. 19)  the medical profession will once again be making house calls.

The shot is technically free, so long as one purchases the wellness pack, which comes with the aforementioned nurse, a lollipop (essential eating after getting a shot), UberHEALTH-branded water bottle and tote, some hand sanitizer (can we get THAT delivered by Uber on its own? Plenty of agoraphobics would appreciate it).

Uber will be delivering flu shots on Thursday, November 19, with the purchase of a ten dollar "wellness pack." (Jean-Marc Giboux/AP Images for Uber)
Uber will be delivering flu shots on Thursday, November 19, with the purchase of a ten dollar “wellness pack.” (Jean-Marc Giboux/AP Images for Uber)

Newser reports the details:

Those who select the UberHEALTH option via their app are asked to ‘select a suitable indoor location prior to UberHEALTH arriving,’ and the shot may be administered to those ages 4 and up. The nurses will be provided by a company called Passport Health, which will share the costs of the program with Uber and health data-mining firm Epidemico, reports the Chicago Tribune. It adds that 10,000 shots will be available; 2,000 vaccinations were given in just four cities by Uber last year. Instructions on how to take part, and a list of all the cities covered, can be found on Uber’s ‘UberHealth’ page. (Last month, Uber drivers delivered something soft and fuzzy to cuddle-craving users in 50 cities.)

Earlier this year, Uber drivers spent the day delivering kittens. Some people just plain don’t like the pseudo-Taxi service. But if they keep on delivering cool stuff to people, those people will surely be in the minority.

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