Flight Attendants Give The Most Awesome Window Ever To Demanding Airplane Passenger

airplane passenger
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If you ever wanted to take a peek at the most entitled bunch of people together in one place, you need not look further than the White House. Well, apart from that, airplanes come as a distant second. We have all heard about it, flight passengers with demands that trump those of toddlers.’ Now, we have another one where an airplane passenger demanded to have a window near his seat after the plane has taken off.


According to the airplane escapades of Japanese Twitter user @kooo_TmS_suke, one passenger from the flight she was part of made quite a demand. The anonymous man apparently asked one of the flight attendants to give him a window… Because that is totally how it works in airplanes. Here is the witness’ tweet about the incident:

It says, “When cabin attendants came around asking us if we wanted something to drink, the man beside me blurted out, ‘Give me a window.’”


He might have been joking, but then, there surely are other more creative jokes than that. Unfortunately for the passenger in question, seat changing on a full and flying airplane is not exactly considerate for other passengers. Still, the flight attendant whom he asked thought of a brilliant compromise, something that would last for the rest of the flight:

The closest thing to a window that he will get. As you can see, the passenger was able to sleep soundly after the window was placed there magically.

It may not have been the blue sky and fluffy clouds he asked for, but one can learn not to expect much in what appears to be economy class seats.

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