Flickr Adds Hashtag Support To iOS App

Flickr Hashtag Support iOS

The Flickr iOS app now offers support for hashtags. The photo sharing service announced the new feature on Saturday.

Flickr has long used “tags” to categorize photos across the web, however the company has changed “tags” to hashtags to get with the times and popularity of the hashtag option. Users can add the new hashtags to their photos title or description.

In celebrating the shift to the hashtag Flickr has announced #FlickrFriday in which users can submit that hashtag along with their photos as part of the platforms weekly photo challenge.

Just like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other networks, clicking on a users hashtag will auto search for other photos hashtagged with the same information.

This is not the first time Flickr has copied the Instagram system, Flickr recently rolled out @username displays and adopted the use of photo filters to entice users to use the system.

Hashtags have become a big topic of discussion in the social media world, even Facebook is revving up to add the searchable tags to its network.

Flickr users have used hashtags for years, it’s nice to finally seeing the term being officially adopted by Yahoo (owners of Flickr). Do you think Flickr making the shift to hashtag support was the right decision for iOS?



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