Firefox 23 Adds One-Click Facebook Sharing

Firefox 23

Firefox 23 launched out of beta on Tuesday, and among many new features is the addition of a share button. Placed beside the “Home” button, a mouse pointer icon will appear. Clicking the pointer will open a pop-up to share the webpage directly to Facebook.

You can share directly to your timeline, a friend’s timeline, group, page you manage or via private message.

Currently only Facebook sharing is supported with sharing to other social networks coming soon.

For the new sharing functionality to work you need to install the Facebook Messenger add-on. Beyond the new share button Mozilla has added mixed content blocking which protects against man-in-the-middle attacks on HTTPS webpages, security fixes and speed improvements users have come to expect.

Firefox 23 is already rolling out to users now. To receive the new update simply select the orange tab on the top left, click “Help” and then “About Firefox.”



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