Fierce Rock Drummer Posts Pics of Rescue Kitten; Wins Hearts

When a goth-metal drummer who makes a living by looking as brutal and fierce as possible posts pictures of a sweet kitten on the band’s Twitter account, you know it’s going to be a good day.

Meet Len. Len (pictured above left) is part of the visual-kei band THE BLACK SWAN. The band is known for dark, gritty visuals to accompany their death-metal music, with mean guitar riffs, punishing drum beats, and howling, guttural vocals. Donning large wigs, dramatic makeup, surreal contacts and all the accouterments that come with the territory (and the androgynous aesthetic) is just a regular day in the life of a viz-kei rocker.

Now, Len has revealed a softer side to himself by posting pictures of a rescue kitten he found at the bottom of his garden on a rainy day. Perhaps coming home from a grueling day of rehearsal, he heard the kitten mewling in the cold, wet earth, motherless and alone. So he did what any metal rocker would have done — wrapped the little fuzzball in a warm towel and lulled it to sleep.

Len also put a warm bottle of water beside it for comfort. The sweetheart rewarded him with one of the tiniest mews we’ve heard this year. We’re willing to bet that the band’s fans have already turned this into their ringtones.

He tied up the posts for that day with a photo of the marmalade kitten sleeping, and deftly snuck in the link to BLACK SWAN’s newest single, because, hey, free publicity!

If you’re still going “meh” at these tweets, this next one is sure to melt even the stoniest grouch-face. Allow us to translate for you:

“Its eyes have opened up a little. And now, it won’t stop crying even if I give it milk or it goes to the bathroom. I had no idea why, but it seems the kitten wants to sleep with me and instead of in its bed. How impudent!”


With some patience and gentle coaxing, it does seem that Len has gotten the wee one to fall asleep on its own. #parentinggoals

and just for good measure, here’s the the little sweetie spending playtime with Papa:

Just in case you were wondering what kind of music Len and his posse make, here’s a sample.

Caveat: the video contains images of a roadkill, earthworms, and graphic fake blood. 

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