Random Rocker Sings Away the Blues at Tokyo Station

Japan has been in a pretty wet spot of weather lately, as two typhoons had seemingly decided to saunter along above Tokyo and drench everything in sight. Thankfully, these storms had dealt no damage, but it will definitely prompt local news stations to send out a light crew to check out the conditions of one of the most-used railway stations.

A couple of days ago, a news crew brought back footage from their jaunt at Shinjuku Station (Perhaps a stones’ throw away from the Pretend Spouse Cafe we covered earlier?), which really had nothing much out of the ordinary. Oh, you have your commuters drenched in the rains, stranded people watching the announcement boards for news on their scheduled trains…

And then, you have this guy.

We’ve got to hand it to him. This dude rocking out in a raincoat and a pair of sunglasses just wouldn’t let this chance to shine slip by. The camera goes this way and that, and he insists on keeping within its frame. It seems he’s even savvy enough to avoid getting covered by the map graphic on the lower right of the screen.

Just who is this guy, anyway?

We’re honestly not quite sure ourselves — the news reporters were too dumbfounded to even catch this rocker’s name. However, this guy’s 15 seconds of fame certainly didn’t escape the attention of people around. From bemused commuters to a gaggle of tourists hanging around, perhaps waiting for their mates, this guy’s improv concert coaxed smiles and chuckles, and shed a little sunshine on what could have been an otherwise gloomy day.

This rocker also gained much lols and admiration on Twitter.

[The following translations are brought to you by your handy-dandy Google Translate.]

Translation: “I’m losing it… [laughs] I lost!”

Translation: “I was watching this guy a little while ago; even through the video guy avoided him so desperately, he just got on screen without getting discouraged!”

Translation: “Haha, this guy is somewhere out there.”

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