#FieldWorkFail: Inhaled Fossils, Angry Birds, and Science Laughs on Twitter


Being a researcher, specially a field researcher, carries with it a certain dignified glamour. Documentaries capture the essence of the majesty and power of nature, and what wonderful work it must be to be up close and personal to these timeless moments… right?

Er… not always.

#FieldWorkFails is the latest hashtag to take over Twitter, and the shared scientific hijinks just keep the fun rolling.

Scientists in the field, we salute you. The things you put yourselves through just ain’t easy.

Your face when the thing happens.

Sometimes, animals are great companions during field work..

… And sometimes, not so much.

Well, sometimes, they’re just curious.

Sometimes, too curious.

and then there are animals who just eat everything. Everything.

Even the equipment.

Specially the equipment.

and other animals. Dammit, Nature.

And then there’s super-glueing things to things that shouldn’t be glued to.

And then, there’s the people.

Definitely the people.

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