Fast And Furryest: Cats Spoof Fast And Furious

fast and furious
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The Fast And Furious franchise has a huge fan base, but now they can add cat lovers to the mix. Dubbed The Fast And The Furryest, the adorable video is a spoof on the action film starring kittens as the adrenaline-junkie racers.

Uploaded to Youtube by Aaron’s Animals, the short clip is quickly garnering views. One view and you’ll see why.

The footage starts with a man and his cat pulling up next to a kitten riding a bike. He sarcastically calls out to the cat, “Nice ride. What does it retail for?” Surprisingly, the kitten responds with “More than you can afford.” The man is then challenged to a drag race.

After a hilarious nod from the passenger cat, the race is on. Just when things start to speed up, the kitten loses controls and crashes. The cat in the 4×4 looks back, just as the kitten flips him the paw. Call us suckers, but it is absolutely hilarious.

Viewers are leaving their praises in the comments, such as Banana Nana. “I have never laughed so much. Dude please make some more, more often…”

We agree, Banana Nana.

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