Fans Hate Live-Action Sonic Design So Much, The Director Promised To Change It

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The race is on for the filmmakers of the upcoming live-action Sonic movie to wrap up the film. However, fans of the speedy blue hedgehog are all probably shouting “not so fast!” in chorus, particularly for Sonic’s design, which for many, is a nightmare-fuel, that’s saying something for a video game movie. Hence, the director has promised to change it for the better.

It can be recalled that barely two days ago, the live-action Sonic trailer was just released and we finally got a good glimpse at what Sonic looked like. Check it out for yourself:

Needless to say, he doesn’t look faithful to his cartoon counterpart– it’s definitely the eyes. As for the fan hate for the live-action Sonic design, it was expressed in a modern and civil manner– through memes.

Good lord. It burns.

It seems the artists tried to come up with the most realistic version of Sonic by combining his cartoon appearance with a more human face. It is worth noting that the original Sonic design virtually only has one eyeball, something that might not exactly work well in live-action cinema CGI.

Still, the inevitable fan edits happened and showed how it could have been done, which made their live-action Sonic arguably miles better in appearance:

The backlash was positively overwhelming, so director Jeff Fowler heeded the advice of the fans and released a statement thanking the fans for the feedback. Fowler also assures everyone that they are now fast at work on fixing and changing the design for live-action Sonic to be more in line with the cartoon version and the original design.

So, Sonic fans can expect a better and less nightmare-inducing alien hedgehog come the theatrical release of the film which is set to premiere on November 7.

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