This Hedgehog Will Sink His Fangs Into Your Feelings

So while the rest of the internet has no chill over Beyonce’s “Lemonade” and Jay-Z’s alleged affair, we at SocialNewsDaily it can get a little too much for you. Shh, we know, we know — a sane person can only handle so much T.

So have a hedgehog on us with the cutest tiny fangs known to Instagram. Go on, you deserve it.

Meet Hodge Huffington the hedgehog. He (and his human) share “the reluctant adventures of a (mostly) happy little hedgehog in Utah”, and his adorable exploits have garnered this sweet little woodland critter 26.4k followers and counting. We’re willing to bet our next staff lunch it’s his itty bitty fangsies have something to do with his popularity.

Hodge understands it’s been a heck of a week for you, and here’s here right now to cheer you on. He knows just the right thing to say. Like, “just breathe. You got this.”

“It’s just you, a big box of pizza, a cozy couch, and your Netflix account all weekend. Or maybe a nice stroll down your favorite walkway, ice cream and your main smooch in hand. Smile. All will be well.”

“And remember, when you’re down in the dumps, all you gotta do is just remember, I’m cheering for you. We’re all cheering for you. And you know why? Because you’re my favoritest person in the whole wide world. You. Yes, exactly you.”

“Now go out there, and show the world: You are a magnificent and rare mystical creature. You’ve got teeth and you ain’t afraid to use ’em. Rrrr.”



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