‘Family Feud’ Contestant Fails Hard, Video Goes Viral [Watch]

Family Feud

“Family Feud.” The show where viewers are asking themselves any of the following questions:

  • “Are these people serious?”
  • “Where do they find families with no common sense?”
  • “Are Steve Harvey’s teeth real or made from a porcelain sink?”

A few days ago, Anna from the Sass family failed to complete a fast money round only needing 18 points. Yes, the first round member managed to get a whopping 182 points. All she needed was a single semi-popular answer to win. Just one. 5 chances to name one good answer. Nope. Good bye $20,000.

Look at these wonderfully painful facial expressions:

Family Feud

I would’ve  paid money to sit in the car with the whole Sass family on the way home that night.

Maybe you are convinced the questions were difficult or tricky. You can be the judge:

  1. “What chance do you have of dating a girl who’s a 10?”
  2. “Name a place where people keep checking their watch.”
  3. “Name a noisy insect.”
  4. “Name something a person’s belly does.”
  5. “Fill in the blank: A married couple might be deeply in ___ ?

This is not something to “sleep off.” Oh no, all thanks to the internet. Anna’s performance has been trending on Facebook for the past day. The many uploaded YouTube videos of this fail are steadily increasing in views.

What do you think of Anna’s performance? How many of you cringed watching?

[Photo credit: YouTube ]

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