Facebook Will Require Messenger If You Want To Chat On Mobile

Facebook Messenger

The Facebook app has chat functionality built in, but soon the social network will require users to install Messenger if they want to keep conversations going.

A spokesperson confirmed the controversial move, saying the change will eventually roll out worldwide to Android and iOS with a few exceptions.

For example, older Android smartphones with lower memory will be exempt, including Windows Phone devices and all tablets.

Paper, Facebook’s news app launched in February, will also keep messaging, at least for the time being.

Mashable’s Editor-At-Large Lance Ulanoff responded to the move with 11 reasons why it’s terrible, making such strong points as parents will hate it (huh?) and “I like it the way it is.”

Many of the comments slammed Ulanoff’s failed attempt, and commenter Alex T put it rather bluntly:

“This article actually made me remove Mashable from my RSS feed and Twitter. That’s how bad it is. If you paid the author anything for this, then you should get the money back. This site has gone far downhill.”

Ouch. While installing another app to do something you can already do may be a nuisance, the change isn’t such a terrible one.

Facebook Messenger underwent a drastic redesign back in November 2013, and you can still send images, files and voice messages as before.

The social network also added the ability to send SMS messages, and last week introduced free voice calling on iOS and Android.

For iOS users, let’s just hope Facebook irons out the battery drain issue that’s been plaguing iPhones left and right.

Kokou Adzo

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