Facebook Will Cut You! And Other Social Media Crime Statistics

Social Media

Internet-initiated crimes are on the rise and it is almost solely the evil doing of social network users. According to a recent study 81% of all internet-initiated crimes involve the “help” of popular social media platforms.

While Facebook and Twitter are the biggest “helpers” for online criminals, other social networks also often assist in internet-initiated crimes.

Criminals use social networking to gather information and target victims. Are going to be in Las Vegas for a week? Don’t post about it publicly and then leave your house unguarded.

According to the study, cyber crime, burglary, and sex crimes are the three categories of criminal offenses which are most often initiated by social media sites

Since we assume you won’t stop using social networking the team at Instant Checkmate has compiled some facts and helpful tips about the state of social media crime:

Social Media and Crime Statistics

Have you ever been the victim of social media crime? Share your personal story in our comments section.



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