Facebook Wall Post Interaction. Tips For Increasing Reader Interest

Facebook Wall Post Cheat Sheet

Not all Facebook wall posts are created equally, in fact certain posts receive far more people interaction because of the way they are composed. For example, were you aware that posts with photos have a 39% higher rate of interaction?

The team at LinchpinSEO conducted some research and then created an infographic that highlights Facebook wall post cheats for better interaction.

Some of the tips are simple, for example the emoticon 🙂 provides a 35% spike in interaction while 🙂 offers a 52% interaction increase.

Want to gain the most Facebook wall post interactions possible? Use less than 80 words and ask basic questions such as “thumbs up or thumbs down” and “yes and no.”

Essentially users want visually appealing posts that are easy to read and quick to answer without a lot of effort.

The biggest tip might we one that many Facebook wall posting users forget, a simple call to action. In fact just asking users to like or share a post can increase Facebook wall post interaction by 700%.



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