Facebook Testing ‘Save’ Button For News Feed Stories

Experimental Facebook save button

Facebook has been on a quest to turn its content into your own personalized newspaper. We have seen it launch multiple iterations of the new feed and its latest standalone app Paper.

According to reports Facebook is now testing a read-it-later Save button on feed articles in the web News Feed. The button creates a ‘bookmarked’ section of sites on your profile that you can go back to, and read any articles or links that you didn’t have time to at the time of its discovery.

About two years ago Facebook acquired Spool, a read-it-later app that cached articles and videos to your phone so you could consume them when you had time to, even when offline. Weeks later Facebook started testing a ‘save’ button on mobile that never got officially launched.

Now the company has been appears to be testing a new save button on the desktop version of Facebook. When clicked the content is saved as a link under a ‘Saved’ section of the users timeline.

There’s definitely more content flowing through Facebook that can be adequately consumed, so if rolled out, this may be a feature that helps shape Facebook’s focus on content.



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