Ferrari Fights 21-Year-Old Racer for Facebook Page Control

Sammy Wasem

Before Facebook was a tech giant, a 15 year old created a Ferrari Facebook page, which eventually grew so successful that the people in Maranello wanted it, so they took it from him although they may not have been allowed to.

According to his Facebook page, Sammy Wasem is the co-creator and co-editor of the largest Ferrari Facebook network with over 12 million fans, and also a Swiss Indian Race driver.

Despite the legal troubles Ferrari is putting him through, it appears that the brand is still his favorite car company.

Sammy Wasem who’s now 21 years old, has filed a criminal complaint against Ferrari for copyright infringement according to recent reports. Sammy and his father Olivier Wasem, have already been sued by Ferrari for misusing the company’s trademarked images.

In March 2009 Ferrari caught onto the page and congratulated him and his father on the efforts they put into building the Ferrari Facebook page, but said due to legal issues they’re forced to take it over formal administration of the fan page.

This raises concerns about where the line is drawn when a company can actually take control over a social media account or page. It will be interesting to see how this develops as it could set new standards.



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