Facebook Status Updates Are Broken! Appears To Be A Widespread Issue

Facebook Status Updates Are Broken

Facebook status updates are broken! The social network’s status update option failed on Monday morning for yet-to-be-disclosed reasons.

Users attempting to type a message into the status update window and then pressing “POST” are given the following message: “There was a problem updating your status. Please try again in a few minutes.”

Facebook status update problems have occurred for some users in the past, but this time the issue seems to be globally recognized. We attempted to post from proxy addresses throughout the United States and received the same message each time.

Also included in the server issue are Facebook Likes and Shares, which can not be utilized at this time.

Users have take to Twitter and other social networks to discuss the issue.

Facebook has not revealed the cause of the problem at this time.

Update: Our correspondent in Israel has verified that the status update problem is a global issue.

And our favorite Tweet goes to Twitter user @Xiltch:

Update: A Social News Daily reader in the Netherlands has also confirmed that Facebook status updates are down. We are officially calling this a global issue.

The issue affects both user profiles and pages.

James Kosur

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