Facebook Site Governance Vote Ends: No More Voting On Future Changes

Facebook Site Governance

The Facebook Site Governance Vote ended today at noon Pacific time and the proposed changes will be implemented. Here were the changes proposed:

  • Remove ability to vote on future changes and instead collect feedback through a question-submission system and live webcasts.
  • Facebook allowed to share data to and from its affiliates such as Instagram.
  • Can change who can contact you through Messages.
  • Able to clarify who can view your content after you’ve hid it on your Timeline.

Even though 668,500 users voted with 588,803 not in support, the social network required 30 percent of total users (currently 300 million) to vote against the Facebook Site Governance change in order for it to be rejected.

This requirement makes it incredibly difficult for users to truly make their vote count as the largest vote prior saw a turnout of just 665,000 people. Moving forward, Facebook’s Chief Privacy Officer Erin Elgan will take questions and host live events where users can provide feedback.

With the ability to share data to and from affiliates, this means that your Facebook data can now be used by Instagram. With access to personal information such as gender, location, interests, and more, the image-based social network will be able to better target ads when they decide to finally monetize.

In the Facebook Site Governance changes, it wasn’t specified what Facebook meant by changing who can contact you through Messages. This has led some users to believe that advertisements are coming to Messages. That’s speculation at this point and the social network has been quite busy with other products such as Promoted Posts.

With the end of the Facebook Site Governance vote comes big changes to how the site operates.



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