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Instagram photos normally display on the website but turmoil between the two social networks caused that to change. Last week Twitter announced that Instagram had stopped supporting Twitter Cards which allows its photos to display within the stream. Some users were seeing cropped photos and others weren’t seeing any photos at all.

CEO Kevin Systrom confirmed the news at LeWeb in Paris but he didn’t provide a time frame on when Twitter Cards support would be completely removed. On Monday Instagram photos stooped appear altogether on Now thanks to a developer by the name of Michael Schonfeld there is a free Chrome extension which brings Instagram support back to Twitter.

The application is called InstaTwit and you can install it here.

Here’s the description:

“InstaTwit is the easiest way to get Instagram photos back in your Twitter feed. To get started, all you need to do is install the extension, and hit the refresh button on your Twitter window. Instagram photos will now show up as they did “in the good old days”.”

That’s all it takes to get functionality restored and Michael doesn’t provide details on how the application works. However, it likely doesn’t use an existing API which is what Instagram has closed off in the case of Twitter. Instead, if InstaTwit sees an Instagram link in the stream, it automatically pulls in the image from that URL, bypassing an API.

Twitter is working towards adding photo filters to their mobile apps by the end of the year and trying to distance themselves from the image sharing social network. Removing support for Instagram photos appearing on was just a natural part of the process.

Give InstaTwit a try and let us know what you think.

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