Facebook Removing Questions Product From Personal Profiles

Facebook is looking to focus their resources elsewhere and announced today they are retiring Questions from personal profiles. You’ll be able to look at past questions you’ve asked, just not create any new ones. Questions allowed you to create a custom poll that you can use to get feedback from friends and others.

The good news is that the Questions product will still be available on Groups and Pages.

Launched in July of 2010, Facebook Questions were a response to Quora, a question and answer based social network. Unfortunately, the interface was a bit clunky and even after making it simpler and targeted more towards friends, the product never went on to popularity.

For now, they seem to be focusing more on renovating search. For years, search has been a big criticism for the social network and lacks much functionality. With them gearing up their Ad platform, search continues to be an untapped opportunity and potential goldmine.

With over 1 Billion users and a slightly optimized navigation bar, Facebook has a lot of work to do in convincing people to search there than heading to Google.



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