Facebook Poke Vs. Snapchat [Download Charts]

Facebook Poke Download Numbers

When Facebook realized that tech savvy and privacy friendly web users love Snapchat, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg led his team on an 11 day hackathon to create a competing product. While reviews for the Facebook Poke app were abysmal upon release, the company still managed to become the No. 1 app download on the iOS store.

Fast forward less than a week later and Snapchat is in the Top 5 downloads on the Apple App Store and Facebook Poke continues to suffer from decreasing interest.

Even a funny privacy fail from Mark Zuckerberg’s own sister Randi Zuckerberg couldn’t help Facebook Poke.

For those of us who are visual learners here is a nice chart by chart comparison of where Facebook Poke’s stand in relation to Snapchat downloads.
SnapChat Download Numbers Facebook Poke Download Numbers



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