Sandy Hook Victims Sister Draws Reddit Hate For PussyRammer Username

PussyRammer on Reddit

When the sister of slain Sandy Hook shooting victim Rachel D’Avino posted a picture on Reddit with the words “[Rachel’s] seat at the table for Christmas dinner” it quickly drew joyful responses of hope from users. The post was even upvoted by many users.

Then the hate baiting started. A user was quick to point out the the sisters username was “PussyRammer” and surely no self respecting girl would honor her slain sister with such a name attached to her profile.

Joyful comments quickly turned into hate as Reddit users went on the nasty offensive. One user wrote:

“ITT: Everybody getting trolled,” while another added, “Sweet, sweet murder karma.”

The poor girls sister was then insulted, told she had photoshopped the image and more. Eventually “Pussyrammer” was forced to post photographic proof that she was in fact the sister of the slain Sandy Hook girl.

How big was the proof? How about a letter of condolence from President Obama, some of her sisters unmistakable personal items and even a shot of herself in a family photo as she held up the word “PussyRammer.”

In explaining the username she writes:

We shared an account…Then my boyfriend started being an ass on that username so we created pussyrammer together. We shared a computer so it was easier than logging in and out to separate accounts.

The Redditor then wrote:

“I’m sorry if this offends anyone I’m just trying to share something with a community that both of us were a part of. We had created this account together so I did not want to make a new account.”

Let this be a lesson to Reddit users, fact checking works both ways, for the media and for stupid trolls with no lives and too much time to spew hate in every direction.



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