Facebook Photos Of Undercover Cop Lead To Woman’s Arrest

Mesquite, TX – There continues to be a fine line between what you can and cannot post on social networks. In the case of one Texas woman, she’s dealing with criminal charges after sharing photos on Facebook of an undercover cop.

A 30-year-old woman by the name of Melissa Welthall felt that it would be a good idea to post and spread photos on Facebook of an undercover cop, including identifying the officer as undercover.

She was taken into custody, and a man by the name of Bobby Stedham is facing charges as well.

The incident began when Welthall testified in a drug case against her friend, George Pickens. The undercover cop she exposed on Facebook was the one who busted that friend. Pickens was obviously upset over the cop’s testimony and managed to find a photo of him on Facebook which he alerted Welthall about.

After finding a photo of the undercover cop, Pickens’ brother, Bobby Stedham, went about making fliers to display around town. Because Stedham got involved, he’s now charged with retaliation while Pickens is still facing federal drug and weapons charges.

This case just goes to show that just because you post something privately on Facebook, it doesn’t mean that others won’t discover it. Also, considering that an undercover cop is in fact undercover, sharing information about them is a major breach of privacy.



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