Facebook Has Better Privacy Practices Than Apple, Says EFF

Facebook Privacy vs Apple

Facebook users constantly complain about their privacy being violated and while that might be true there are worse offenders. A new study by the Electronic Frontier Foundation has found that Apple is actually the worst major technology company in terms of handing over user data.

Apple beat out Facebook, Amazon, Comcast, and other competitors for the dubious “honor” of worst privacy.

The EFF ranked the top 18 tech firms based on how well they protect user data from government requests for data. While Twitter, Google, and Dropbox worked diligently to protect user data, Apple, AT&T, and Verizon were more than willing to hand over personal user data.

Apple doesn’t even require a warrant to hand over user data while Facebook and Twitter will often require a court order to provide user data to authorities.

The EFF says Apple doesn’t publish transparency reports, publish law enforcement guidelines or fight for users’ privacy rights in court.

There is one thing that Apple does right, it works to address users’ privacy rights via discussions with Congress.

You can view the full EFF report HERE.



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  1. I have been a customer of AT&T for 10 years. Scary to think that the company would be perfectly find giving up my information to whomever….