Facebook Email Service Is Being Retired

Facebook Email is Retiring

Facebook email service is coming to an end. After announcing its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp, the company began sending emails to customers, alerting them to the decision ending change for its current system.

According to Facebook, it will soon start sending user emails to their on-file primary email address. Customers with an @Facebook.com address on file will soon find their inboxes once again filling up via their personal email addresses.

Facebook email users can turn off the forwarding feature which has been turned on by default.

If a user has removed their primary email address from their Facebook account, they will lose any emails that are currently being held by the social network.

According to a Facebook representative, “Most people have not been using their @facebook.com email address.”

You may recall that Facebook angered many users in 2013 when the social network changed their publicly displayed email addresses to their @Facebook email account information.

Do you think Facebook email going away is an overdue hurdle that had to be overcome?



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