Extremely Rare Pink Hippo Is Both A Beauty And A Tragedy Of Nature

Photo by National Geographic

Despite all the achievements and accolades of the human race in the field of art, nature still remains as the best artist ever. It is capable of creating the most beautiful designs, some by mistake, and some intentionally. That sort of art just can’t be beaten, and just when you thought that you have seen all that nature has to offer, along comes a pink hippo to surprise you.

Photo by BET Networks

No, not that pink hippo, while that is also a work of art, much of her creations involve distastefully shaking her posterior in a lazy attempt to pass it off as a masterpiece. We are referring to this one, a true art of nature:

Photo by Patrick Bentley

This beauty was spotted over South Luangwa National Park by Patrick Bentley. The professional photographer had only heard of the rare beast and never actually saw one until recently. Bentley was on a plane when he took that photo, hence the quality. Another group of photographers were actually able to take a closer shot of the creature right here:

Photo by The Telegraph

That was back in 2010, since then, the sightings have been extremely rare. One would think that a hippo with that sort of skin color would be treated like a princess and given Grammy awards for subpar pop music– sorry, wrong hippo again. However, the truth is a lot sadder for the pink hippo since its skin color means that it is more vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun.

Photo by Yahoo

As such, this makes a lot of potential regular mates repulsed since they would automatically assume that the pink hippo is a weaker and more fragile partner, unfit for reproduction.

Pink hippos are usually born with a condition called leucism, similar to albinism where the animals lack a certain pigment for the skin. Most leucistic animals often do not survive in nature either from being preyed upon too easily due to lack of camouflage or due to sunburns. Nevertheless, they remain beautiful and rare masterpieces of nature.

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