Explosives Mailed To Various Military Facilities Around Washington

We won’t undermine this, as it is a very scary news story (especially after the Austin bombing recently) but it seems multiple packages were sent around to various military facilities in Washington DC, and some have been confirmed to have had explosives in them. While only one of the packages tested positive for explosives it still has a lot of people really concerned, and with good reason. We are at a very tumultuous time in this country and hearing about people mailing explosives doesn’t lessen that anxiety at all.

Regarding more details about the explosives found:

“At 12.10pm, 52nd Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal from Fort Belvoir, VA, confirmed the package tested positive for black powder and residue,” Mr Howard told CNN in a statement. “The X-ray conducted indicates suspected GPS and an expedient fuse were attached. The package was rendered safe. No injuries are reported.”

It’s just hard not to get overwhelmed by all the crazy crap that has been going down lately. Like there is less and less GOOD news to report, but that is not the case. This IS very much good news. No one got hurt, and a major crisis was averted.

We’ll take that as a win.


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