Freaky Urban Legends That Turned Out To Be True

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Urban legends are unnerving, creepy tales whispered late nights for nothing more than a jittery laugh and a mirthful scare … right? Well, something like that.

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No one actually believes urban legends, or for the most part, they’ll never admit that they check underneath the bed at night just to ‘make sure.’

Indeed, some may have an admonitory moral attached to them, though they’re often so improbable that there’s no question as to what their true nature is: a legend.

Even, some of those ‘urban ‘legends’ are actually entirely true, or at least based in some level of fact.

via Primogif; How easily a rat can wriggle up your porcelain bowl

Sounds unlikely — for rats to swim up pipes and end up in someone’s toilet — however, it’s more than just an urban legend.

In 2016, The Seattle Times even ran a story warning readers what to do if a rat made a guest appearance in their toilets (squirt in some dish soap to break the water’s surface tension, then flush it away — it’ll head back the way it came).

And, it takes place way more than you would think. The King County Public Health Department results between 50 and 80 rat-in-toilet happenings each and every year.

Or take the urban legend about the serial killer (or cheater, or assassin) who nearly gets away with murder by feeding his victims’ bodies to his pigs. The scenario’s used in various film plots, but it has occurred a lot in real life.

Accordant to taped phone conversations, in 2013 Francesco Raccosta was murdered in the midst of a mafia turf war, then his lifeless body was fed to pigs. In 2015, it was reported Susan Monica had been found guilty of not just murdering two men (one in 2012 and another in 2013), but of discarding the bodies by feeding them to her pigs.

One of Canada’s most infamous serial killers, matter fact, even used the method. In 2002, Robert Pickton was arrested for the murders of 26 women over the course of approx 6 years. According to the testimony of those closest to him, Pickton bragged of murdering dozens of women and ridding of the bodies by feeding them to his pigs. Ultimately, thousands of DNA samples were recovered from his farm.


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