Dunkin’ Donuts Teases Bacon Donuts

Dunkin' Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts has a special place in America’s heart, and today CBS Boston teased a glorious concoction possibly coming soon to a location near you.

Breaking the news on the Phantom Gourmet Facebook page, CBS Boston employees were among the first to try bacon donuts.

No, not bacon-flavored donuts, but actual glazed Dunkin’ Donuts with what looks to be crispy bacon bits nestled on top.

The reactions turned out to be nothing less than expected:

Maureen Grant posted a comment on the Facebook page, saying “was there at the DD headquarters last night for the Ultimate DD Phan night and these donuts were incredible!! they have a few other “new” items for us to try also…what a nice evening and what a great bunch of people!”

As far as what other “new” items Grant was referring to, people also got to try an upcoming pretzel twist.

So when will Dunkin’ Donuts launch bacon donuts to the masses? Unfortunately, Phantom Gourmet has some good and bad news:

“While Dunkin’ executives told Phantom Gourmet host Dan Andelman that the company has no intention of bringing the bacon donut to stores any time soon, they hinted that it might be a future possibility if the bacon donut draws enough interest.”

Tweet the message below and let Dunkin’ Donuts know this seriously needs to happen.

[Tweet “Hey @DunkinDonuts, please make #bacon donuts a real thing!”]

[Photo credit: Phantom Gourmet]

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