#AmazingUSPS Campaign Sidelined By Not So Amazing Package Tossing

USPS Spider-Man Campaign Striking Out On Twitter

The executives at USPS had a good idea — in theory. They launched #AmazingUSPS along with a Spider-man related theme. Unfortunately for the company they didn’t think about the repercussions of launching a publicly controlled hashtag campaign.

Here’s the original Tweet sent by USPS:


Instead of a positive message the company was bombarded with a video of a USPS worker tossing an expensive hard drive from their vehicle.

The video which has received 729,715 views in less than 24 hours was posted by Twitter users repeatedly. Attached to those messages is the #AmazingUSPS video:


As expected USPS wasn’t quick to respond. Perhaps they are sending their message with overnight delivery — it should get here by next Thursday.



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