Cops Now Using Double-Decker Buses To Spot Drivers Using Cell Phones


Instead of steering the wheel with one knee while eating or switching lanes without truly checking our blind spot, we should really maintain full focus on the road while driving — however, curiously enough, a lot of folks don’t and along with hopping a ride on lorries, law enforcement is now getting full utilization of the public transport by sitting on the top deck of buses to nab drivers on their phones.

Ooouuu, this is so slick; Photo: Imgur

The new approach was put to use by West Midlands police who are too requesting members of the public to upload videos of violating motorists.

Drivers who were busted in the act were exhibited a VR video of the ‘consequences’ of their actions. In the footage they were shown videos of persons suffering from accidents and injuries due to the use of cells behind the wheel.

Offenders would be contacted prior to post with a $265 fine and six points on their license.

A spokesman for the force revealed West Midlands Police is planning to persist with the tactic from the top deck.

A report showed an officer detecting a driver texting behind the wheel of their Range Rover and another driver was returned back to a central zone — this one consented to be on camera and even interviewed.

He explained he was mindful that he was breaking the law when ‘checking his emails’. Naturally the driver, Michael Neel, stated he was stunned to be pulled over however stressed it would prevent him from doing it in future.

Michael Neel, ‘checking his email’ while driving … mm hmm; Photo: Firenews


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