Man Pretending To Be On Call Busted For Taking Pics Of Woman In Skirt


How tough it must be nowadays for a woman to go out in public and move on with her business without some creep pestering her.

Very difficult, apparently, as verified by this viral video.

What most women go through on a daily basis; Photo: Gifbin

Facebook user Baby Elli posted a now-viral video on Wednesday of a man who posed as if he was on a phone call but was actually attempting to snap a photo of a woman wearing a skirt.

Elli was seated on the staircase of an establishment when she noticed the man in the striped shirt placing a phone to his ear. In the footage (below), you can see how the peeping tom kept moving around, as if he was trying to get the best angle.

At some juncture in the video, it can be seen that his phone’s camera was in fact on.

He might of gotten away with it too giving his phone camera’s flash didn’t go off. Whoops.

The man can then be witnessed getting up to leave however not without taking a final glimpse to check if his victim had realized. The video has been viewed almost 800,000 times and shared over 10,000 times. Netizens were indignant about the incident:

A particular Facebook user by the name Alia Sscr Brtlm shared (in Filipino): “To be honest, those who are older, they’re the number 1 perverts or should I say [sex] MANIACS.”

She furthered: “I remembered one time when I was just about to ride a tricycle to work, an old man was looking at me until I got to sit down. I couldn’t contain myself. ‘DO WE HAVE A PROBLEM? YOU’VE BEEN STARING AT MY SKIRT FOR SO LONG ALREADY.’ He was shocked and looked down instead.”

Rodriguez Ice, another Facebook user, said (in Filipino): “You son of a bitch! You are embarrassing. I’d enjoy strangling you.”


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