Family Dog Gives Birth To Lime Green Puppy And Name It Hulk


Gypsy, a white shepherd, gave birth to eight puppies. The pooch’s three-hour labor went orderly until the fourth puppy surfaced spattered in lime green fur.

Shana Stamey, the dog’s owner, explained: “I started freaking out. But everybody was healthy.” How did the green pup, dubbed Hulk, get his grassy color? Liquid from his mum’s stomach most likely stained his fur in utero, noted Suzanne Cianciulli,  Junaluska Animal Hospital manager in Waynesville. Hulk’s green tinge should fade in a couple of weeks under a steady ritual of licks and baths from Gypsy, human mommy Stamey stated.

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By Thursday, the green puppy began to look more like a peep than his namesake idol. “He was very lime green at birth, and now he looks bright yellow with a hint of the green,” said Stamey. Conceived at 15.6 ounces, at 6 days old the verte pup weighs in at an astounding 1 pound, 8 ounces, Stamey expressed. She said she’s startled by little Hulk’s manfulness. “Actually, I am amazed at how many are wanting to own Hulk,” Stamey spoke to the Citizen Times, division of the USA TODAY Network.

“I really never intended to have such a following on him. Just thought he was special and unique.” Stamey plans to locate “forever homes” for the animals once they’re weaned at around 8 weeks old. “If I can not find each a home, then we will just add to our family,” Stamey added. “I love them all so much.”


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