This Dog Got His Head Stuck in a Table But Won the Heart of the Internet

Dog Gets His Head Stuck in Table But Wins the Heart of the Internet

It’s not been a good week for animals getting stuck in things. Yesterday a clumsy koala bear went viral after getting his head trapped in a fence. Now, this dog has taken things one step further and got his noggin stuck in a table.

Twitter user @mpbbbee was just going about her day when she heard a crash in her bedroom. She rushed in to see what the commotion was, only to find what can be described as comedy gold.

She posted a video of the poor pooch to Twitter, where it quickly drew laughs from users. The clip has now gone viral, with over 8 million views in total.

One user suggested that the table was at fault

While another had a more radical solution

I mean, the dog is clearly innocent

Other users shared snaps of their equally accident-prone puppers

And children…

This dog is definitely not the only one to end up in this predicament

And of course, there were table jokes

So many table jokes

For now it looks like it’s table 1, dog 0

Still, he’s clearly the hero of our time

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