DNC Planned To Reward Big Donors With Cushy Government Jobs, Leaked Emails Reveal

Democrats Face Bad Optics as Democratic National Convention Kicks Off

The Democratic National Convention is already underway, but optics for Democratic Party insiders are looking increasingly bad after leaked emails uncovered widespread and systematic favoritism among committee members. And the scandal doesn’t end at Bernie Sanders.

Chuck Ross, a reporter at the conservative Daily Caller, unearthed documents which seem to indicate party officials are planning to award their biggest donors and fundraisers with appointments to Federal boards and commissions.

“Boards and Commissions” spreadsheet contained in DNC records. (Redactions added by The Daily Caller)
“Boards and Commissions” spreadsheet contained in DNC records. The Obama administration has likewise appointed donors and fundraisers to Federal positions, drawing criticism in anti-Establishment circles. (Redactions added by The Daily Caller)

That this information validates Bernie Sanders’ allegations of a “rigged” and undemocratic electoral process is bad enough. But what should be terrifying Democrats is that it also validates Trump’s rhetoric—while Clinton pivots to the center-right with her VP pick and recklessly chooses to appoint ousted DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz an honorary Chair of her campaign.

After the RNC, Trump received a polling bump that put him firmly above Clinton in general election mash-ups. By any objective standard, the Republican convention was a garish and disturbingly authoritarian affair—but Trump thrives on bad press, whereas Clinton faces a serious problem as she’s hounded by scandal on the eve of her coronation as the Democratic Party nominee.

Unless Democrats take responsibility for their misdeeds and publicly affirm their commitment to overhauling the broken election system, they risk handing the White House to Trump on a silver platter he’ll no doubt monogram as his first presidential act.

Julian Assange has promised more leaks are coming, and that they will badly damage Hillary Clinton before November. The time for Democrats to act is now, but something tells me they’ll enter damage control mode and refuse to accept the truth before it’s too late: Hillary Clinton is a weak candidate. She’s so weak, in fact, she could lose to a reality television star named Donald J. Trump.

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