DJ Earworm Releases Mashup Of The Best Songs Of 2016

dj earworm 2016 mashup

As 2016 prepares to wind down, it is time to get ready for all of the roundups of memorable parts of the year. One of the most anticipated is DJ Earworm’s annual release of mashup mix of the year’s most popular songs. The yearly jam is titled, “The United States of Pop” and features more than 20 of 2016’s most popular songs.

This fast-paced, almost dizzying, video features Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles,” Sia’s “Cheap Thrills,” and Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home.” After watching the mashup above, you might realize this year’s creation is the complete opposite of last year’s sultry slow jam.

Another noticable difference of this year’s mashup is DJ Earworm’s use of less tracks. Of course, this gave critics plenty of things to complain about.

Many complained about the absence of Nicki Minaj and Ariane Grande’s hit, “Side To Side.” The song was used in so many commercials and had so much airtime that many called it the “unofficial song of 2016.” Apparently, DJ Earworm disagrees.

The Minaj and Grande diss is nothing compared to another huge name that was missing from the mashup: BEYONCE. However, the musical scientist was quick to explain that Queen Bey didn’t perform as great as we all think.

DJ Earworm told The Verge in an email: “On Billboard, ‘Hold Up’ peaked at number 13, ‘Sorry’ peaked at number 11, [and] ‘Formation’ peaked at number 10. While she had a really big cultural moment, it didn’t translate into smash singles.”

What do you think of DJ Earworm’s 2016 mashup? Did he leave out one of your favorite hits?

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