DIY Your Lego Gummy Candy With This Recipe! [Video]

This new gummy recipe isn’t just Pinterest-worthy, it’s bound to be a hit with kids of all ages — including millenials, because we’re cool kids like that.

The brilliant person behind this video is Grant Thompson, a Youtube star who also goes by the monicker “The King of Random”. He releases a brand new video every five days, dedicated to different kinds of lifehacks ranging from the kitchen, the workroom, electronics, everyday appliances… the sky’s the limit with this ingenious dude’s imagination. Plus, we really dig the guy’s voice.

The gummy candy recipe amazingly calls for very few ingredients — corn syrup, gelatine, a box of Jell-O, and cold water. Putting it together is so easy, this makes a fun kitchen project you can do with a kid. Just be careful, however, as the melting point for the candy syrup can be very hot. Safety first: always use insulating pot holders or oven mittens when lifting the pot to pour the mix into another heat-proof container.

Another thing to appreciate about Grant’s style of instruction is how he also troubleshoots potential problems viewers may run into. His methods are quick, stress-free, and ingenious, and it makes us appreciate the science behind it a bit more.


The real beauty of the video, however, is the creativity that goes into the molding process. We’re first taken through the basics, and later on are shown how we can turn the gummy Lego fun up to eleven. Colors, flavors, and fun galore, this recipes candy that is not only fun to make and fun to eat, but fun to play with as well!

We hope you have fun with this recipe! If you do give it a go, let us know how it turned out. Tweet and tag us @SocialNewsDaily!

Watch the video here:

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