Did You Know It Is Most Likely Cheaper To Cruise For The Year Than Live At Home?

Residents of some of the world’s most iconic cities could save up to $47,000 a year by living at sea for 12 months instead.

Shocking, right?

UK-based cruise travel agency, Planet Cruise, has created a year-long voyage spanning the whole of 2017 that would be more cost effective than the average living costs of cities like London, New York and Sydney.

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For a total annual average saving of $3270, city-dwellers could swap the hustle and bustle of life in a metropolis for wall-to-wall luxury on the open seas, complete with fine dining, spa treatments and stopovers across the globe.

Planet Cruise’s 52-week voyage sets sails on 2 January 2017 and disembarks on 5 January 2018. The year of sailing is priced at $30,000 and for this passengers could expect food, entertainment and accommodation for  2017.

To ensure The 2017 Cruise was a cheaper way to spend the year than living ashore in the world’s big cities, Planet Cruise researched the average living costs of 10 of the world’s most famous locations.

Looking at the comparative amenities that passengers would enjoy on the cruise, such as food and accommodation, as well as those that they would save for being on-board, for example commuting costs and utility bills, Planet Cruise ensure its 12-month holiday came in under the total price of city-dwelling.

The full research and cruise itinerary can be viewed here.

Anyone who embarks on The 2017 Cruise will not have to compromise on their surroundings as the admission price to their cheaper year. The voyage is packed full of dozens of stunning stop-overs, with Christmas in the Canaries, Summer spent in Spain and Easter in Madeira. 

It also takes in Dubai, which ironically is one of the locations shown to be more expensive to live in, by a total of $5304. That saving is dwarfed by that which is available to residents of Monaco. People living in the casino-filled principality could swap the grand prix-side roulette tables for those on-board the high seas and pocket the huge $46,000 difference as well.

Across the Atlantic, New Yorkers and LA residents could also save four-figure sums by ditching land for the year and touring everywhere from the Caribbean to the Spanish Islands, all whilst enjoying complimentary cocktails along the way.

Other locations that are more expensive than The 2017 Cruiseinclude:

In the UK, those living in the capital, London, would have$6588 moreWith living costs of £28,980, residents of Hong Kong could save $5,688Australians would also be worse off, with a potential saving of$2,556Those currently living in Singapore, could find themselves saving $3,072Zurich residents could save $5,616Those living in the capital of the UAE, Abu Dhabi, would save $336

Kirsteen Fox, Marketing Director, Planet Cruise: “City dwellers are all too familiar with rising rents and increasing living costs, particularly in major capital cities like London and New York.

“Cruising can be such an economical way to travel, but it’s apparent with our new research also an economical way of life! Those who need a break from the daily grind, retirees or people just wanting to see the world, can live the high life onboard, seeing some of the world’s greatest cities and tourist attractions, whilst saving money they would have spent on daily life.
“We do know that not everybody has the luxury to take a year out to travel the world, but it does go to show that you really can save money on a holiday, whether that’s a couple of months or a year spent on board. Who wouldn’t want to save money by swapping the London Underground for the Indian Ocean?”


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