Did Blake Griffin Slap Justin Bieber Over A Caramel Apple Macchiato? No, But It’s A Great Story

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When you work for a website like the Social News Daily, you come across a lot of internet hoaxes. For the most part, they read like Madlibs. (Celebrity name) was hurt (action verb) while vacationing in (exotic city) and broke (body part). But today’s hoax, the one bout Justin Bieber getting slapped by Blake Griffin, is a little more entertaining.

So here’s the story.

Justin Bieber, AKA J. Bizzle, walked into a coffee shop and ordered a caramel apple macchiato. The pop singer was shirtless and acting like a total punk. Blake Griffin, who was sitting at the back of the restaurant enjoying a cup of coffee, noticed the tomfoolery at the front of the store and decided to put a stop to it. So, the NBA player walked up to the Biebs, tapped him on the shoulder, then “smacked the sh*t” out of the singer.

Internet users should have been able to tell that the Justin Bieber / Blake Griffin story was a hoax right away, but some people just really wanted to believe it was true.

Lakers player Chris Kaman even got in on the joke.

Wait, so did Blake Griffin really slap Justin Bieber over a caramel apple macchiato? Kaman quickly clarified that he was only joking.

Kokou Adzo

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